Call For Art

  • Works to be offered for purchase at the discretion of artists included in the exhibition. Artists will receive 70% of the purchase value on works sold and 30% will be retained as commission by Ori Gallery.
  • We do not accept submissions in person at the gallery.
  • Do not contact gallery to check on the progress of you application.
  • All applications will be reviewed. All artists will be notified of the outcome of thier applicaton. 
  • The subject line of this form should read " Artist Submission - YOUR NAME" (ex. "Artist Submission - Frida Kahlo")
  • Please send 3-10 images or 1 video in a separate email to with the subject line "Artist Submission Images - Your Name" (ex. "Artist Submission Images - Frida Kahlo")
  • Please label all image files as follows: Artist Name-Title-Dimensions-Medium-Year-Price (ex. Frida Kahlo-The Broken Column-15 in × 12 in-Oil on Canvas-1944-$100)
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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If you have any questions send us an email!